Welcome to Fifth Home Bliss with Jeremy & Megan Martin

I can’t believe I just typed that title! And we are so so glad you’re here! 🎉🎉 Jeremy and I are so excited to welcome you to our brand new business and blog, Fifth Home Bliss!

Over the past 8 years, Jeremy and I have been on a journey of buying, fixing, and holding residential real estate properties. We own 4 homes (3 are rentals!) and are closing on our fifth home next month. When we sat down to look at the numbers and decide if we should go for house number 5 at the beginning of 2019, we realized that in turning house number 4 into our next rental, we would officially be set for retirement!

The Martin Family on Fifth Home Bliss


Hence the Fifth. In our wealth building journey through real estate, we’ve found true freedom. We can work for today without fear of the future and spend our time exploring adventures and work that really fuels us. Hence the Bliss!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been quietly encouraging Jeremy that he should teach the system he has created for investing in real estate. At first, he was not about it. He’s an introvert and isn’t one to be the center of attention… or one to be in front of the camera (we are polar opposite can you tell?!).

But when we realized the impact of what investing in our fifth home meant for our family and our future, he really saw how valuable this could be to share with the world to make an impact in other families as well.

Introducing Fifth Home Bliss

The Why Behind Fifth Home Bliss

I’m so proud of his hard work and am so excited to officially have a business together! To share more about our story and why we decided to jump into this new project together, we sat down to answer a few questions about what we are doing here and why it matters. Take a look!

What you can expect on Fifth Home Bliss

We have been dreaming, planning, building, and working on this business for the past 5 months are eager to share with you all that is in store! Over the coming weeks you’ll find:

  1. Weekly Episodes: Every week we’ll be releasing new videos diving into our story of how we’ve been able to acquire over 1.3 million dollars in residential real estate. We’ll peel back the curtain on the good, the bad decisions, and share our best advice to help you in your journey to investing. We’ll also bring you BTS as we pack up house number 4, close on house number 5, and the renovation process as we go!
  2. Real Estate Content from Jeremy: On the blog, you’ll find frequent new content from Jeremy sharing his experiences and knowledge on all things real estate from buying, holding, and how to get started with investing.
  3. Home Design Content from Megan: You’ll also find plenty of home design inspiration on the blog from Megan. Our homes have a knack for renting out quickly. The last two homes have rented out within 24 hours of listing them! While it isn’t all about the pretty, staging and designing our homes with renters in mind has been hugely beneficial!
  4. The Complete System: In the coming months, Jeremy will be releasing our first course covering the A to Z of our entire system to help you get started confidently in real estate investing and the rental market. We’ve had so many friends ask for our help and we can’t wait to share!

To get first access to our educational resources, content, and new episodes, join our newsletter! You’ll get our Free Guide: The One Simple Step Every Real Estate Investor Takes (That you can do right now!) and future free content to help you as you begin your journey in investing!

modern and bright stylish home office with white walls and colorful accents

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site. You can read the full story of our journey from renting a one bedroom condo to Fifth Home Bliss here!

And if you’re new to us, we’d love to meet! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and join our newsletter to be the first to know when new episodes and content drops!

Cheers to finding your version of bliss!

-Jeremy & Megan

Introducing Fifth Home Bliss. A lifestyle blog on all things real estate from investing, buying, and holding and home design inspiration for family living!

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