we're the martins!

We're The Martins. Jeremy, Megan, Kennedy, Esley, & Crew. Together, we buy & hold residential rental properties. We move in, we fix 'em up as we go, and find the next house when the time is right!

In 2019, we are buying our fifth home and are officially set for retirement. We're just like you, but we've figured out a way to leverage our dollars to invest. And now we're ready to show you how you can do it, too!

a young family of five with an unusual twist:

we're set for retirement


We're not millionaires.

We're not trust fund babies.

And we didn't win the lottery. Sounds fun, though!

on average?

We've made $79,400 a year.

after taxes.

but in just under 8 years,

We've acquired over 1.3 million dollars in residential real estate properties,

our renters pay our mortgage every month,

we'll bring in over $103,800 every year in residual income FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

and when they're paid off,

from renting a one bedroom condo to

this is our story

We met when I was only 19. A baby. He was 22 and fresh out of the University of Florida with a degree in construction management. For me, it was actually love at first sight. We met the weekend after Memorial Day. It was a set up. I didn’t want to go. Set ups never work.

I didn’t have many excuses and definitely didn’t have anything to do that day, so I obliged.
I’ll never forget it. The day I met J. He didn’t say a word to me for most of the day and there were only 7 of us on that boat! Jeremy, his sisters, their guys, his cousin Deidra, and me. The only time he managed to utter a word was when he taught me how to wakeboard.

And then it happened. This shy guy with curly black hair got on a wakeboard and the rest is really history. I was mesmerized watching him fly from wake to wake, flipping and twisting in the air. What a hunk!

I must have looked all gooey eyed because his sisters got in on the set up action. I’d only met them a mere 96 minutes before they started telling me I should date their brother. The boy who wouldn’t speak to me.
I sorta kinda for sure thought they were nuts. But something happened that day. I got off that boat and could just feel it. I went straight home and told my mom I am going to marry that boy.

Three and a half years later, I did.

I'm free as a bird. He craves routine.

I'm at the center of the action. He's a wall flower.

I don't have a left side of my brain. He doesn't have a creative bone in his body.

They say opposites attract. We did. And J had expectations. He wanted all the proverbial boxes checked for the American Dream marriage. He wanted to own a house and have all his financial ducks in a row before we said I do.

We didn’t have ducks.

We went on a Jamacain honeymoon and came back to Jacksonville, Florida for our first official day living together in the one bedroom condo we could afford to rent.

I never had expectations for what my life was going to look like.

 I didn’t envision a certain home, square feet, or a dream kitchen. I just wanted to be with him.

Jeremy. My J.

We couldn't be more opposite if we tried. 

what happened next

buying our first home

As our year lease came to a close, I lived and breathed hitting the refresh button for 72 hours straight on the MLS with one goal:

We found it on Lumberjack Circle. A literal dump. But it had big potential. We cut and laid every tile, ripped out junky cabinets and replaced the entire kitchen, and tore down walls.

After months of work we moved into our very first home.


Those early days of marriage were blissfully sweet. J worked as a mortgage underwriter and I was a medical assistant for an internal medicine doctor. He helped people complete their home loans and I gave B12 shots to the elderly.

Every piece of furniture in that little condo was a hand me down and we were grateful for all of it since money was tight. In the first year of marriage, I quit my job to pursue entrepreneurship and J’s dream of investing in real estate started to bloom.

what happened next

food stamps to freedom

find the cheapest home possible in a safe enough neighborhood.

A year later we welcomed our daughter Kennedy into the world and made an offer for our next house on the very same day. House number 2 was a major upgrade, but our housing payment stayed the exact same thanks to the income from Lumberjack.

We were onto something and officially caught the REAL ESTATE bug. 



Over the next few years of twists, turns, changes in jobs, and growing a family, J smartly kept an eye on the market. We had seasons of unbelievable lows like the year Jeremy left his salaried job in Mortgage Underwriting to pursue Commercial Real Estate.

He made less than $1 an hour that whole year! A year we were approved for food stamps.

But he kept pushing. Kept working. And kept moving our family toward financial freedom in an unconventional way. By his second year, he surpassed industry norms and made over 6 figures.

Instead of saving every penny, he bravely figured out how to leverage our dollars to invest in real estate and it has paid off big time.

We can work for what we need today without worrying about our future. We can take days off to play with our kids without fear of not making ends meet. We have the freedom to pursue our own businesses and design the kind of life we want to live.

"Success is on the same road as failure; success is just a little further down the road."                

Jack Hyles

That’s what we feel.

right this way


five homes.

That’s all it took for us to find our version of bliss. And we’re ready to show you how you can tap into the gold mine of real estate, too. With an extensive background in Construction Management, Mortgages, Real Estate, and flipping homes, Jeremy has created a system that anyone can use to start their own portfolio of rental properties.

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