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Learn our exact system for creating future-proof income streams with residential real estate. We’ll walk you through step-by-step how to get started even if you’re on a tight budget! By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to make smart buying decisions backed by our years of experience in lending, real estate sales, and property management.

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Dreaming of investing? Before you can begin you have to take this critical first step. It won't cost you money, but it will help you get perspective to move forward with a plan!

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we're the martins

I’m Jeremy. She’s Megan. We’re the Martins. At only 34 and 31 we were set for retirement.

For the last 10 years we’ve been buying and holding residential real estate and are under contract for our fifth home. We're just like you, but we've figured out a way to leverage our dollars to invest. And now we're ready to show you how you can do it, too!

a young family of six with an unusual twist:

we're set for retirement


We're not millionaires.

We're not trust fund babies.

And we didn't win the lottery. Sounds fun, though!

on average?

We made $79,400 a year.

after taxes.

but in just under 8 years,

We acquired over 1.3 million dollars in residential real estate properties,

our renters pay our mortgage every month,

we'll bring in over $103,800 every year in residual income FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

and when they're paid off,

We can work for what we need today without worrying about our future. We can take days off to play with our kids without fear of not making ends meet. We have the freedom to pursue our own businesses and design the kind of life we want to live. It's closer than you think.

five homes.



That's all it takes for peace of mind. The math is simple, and numbers don't lie. On average, Americans spend 25% of their budget on housing (25% x 4 houses = 100%). So by owning 4 rentals you have the income of the average American household. You never have to sell anything and you can say goodbye to worrying about how much you need to save for the future. Because how will we ever know when enough is enough?

you can do this. i can show you how.

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an online course that teaches you

The fundamentals of real estate to recession proof your wealth

smart buying strategies and how to choose the right kind of investment

How to become financeable even if you're tight on funds now

how to structure your buying offer with income in mind

Stress-Free Property Management so you can actually earn more while working less

and so much more!

the course

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Module 1

Recession Proof Wealth

The fundamentals of Real Estate

You'll learn:

→ Why wealthy people have real estate in their portfolio.

→ What makes real estate so compelling.

→ The five ways real estate creates wealth, and which ones to focus on.

Module 2


From “Doing Deals” to House Hacking

You'll learn:

→ All the different methods to invest in real estate.

→ The Pros & Cons of each and why I prefer buy & hold.

→ The best way to get started when funds are tight.

Module 3


De-mystifying the Loan Process

You'll learn:

→ What types of money is available to everyone (not just people with wealthy friends).

→ How to become financeable.

→ Walk you through the lending process and highlight what you need to worry about.

Module 4

The Smart Buy

Buying with income in mind

You'll learn:

→ The different ways to find a deal, and my preferred method.

→ Working with an agent Vs. Going it alone.

→ The most important things to consider when looking.

→ How we structure our offers, and what to do once you are under contract.

Module 5

Stress Free Property Management

The 4 Hour Work Month

You'll learn:

→ How we market our properties to find good tenants.

→ The nuts and bolts of the lease process.

→ How we automate our rent collection.

→ How we avoid and deal with tenant problems.

→ Self Management Vs. Professional management (The good & the bad).

Module 6

You'll learn:

→ The different types of taxes you will pay.

→ How to use the tax advantages to build generational wealth.

→ The benefits of being self-employed in the US.

→ What records you need to keep.

→ What we outsource and what we automate to make this easy.

Tax Time

The problem you didn’t know you wanted